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Portfolio of my research. Reflection, manipulation, stratification, erasement. Diving into the image to reveal its inner palimpsest .

"Octopussy" probably inspired by the Bond movie.

"Botanical Garden" Inspired by the recurring flooding of Paris, I mix images of 1910 with contemporary photos of Paris. The layers and transparencies give an air surreal to the scene, something out of  a Jules Verne story with machines and sea monsters.

"Flyin' pulpos" is it the end of the world yet.

"Paris Flood 1910-2017, Green Version" Digital collage and manipulation

"Paris Flood 1910-2017, Pink Version" Digital Collage and manipulation

"Paris Flood 1910-2017, Orange version" Digital collage and manipulation

"Riding on the rhythm of my heart" San Francisco's hills make your heart beats faster

"Immigration in San Francisco" The financial district was built on top of buried ships from the gold rush era.

"She has mind of her own" Digital painting

"Queen of Heart" Digital painting. Study for a deck of cards.

"Dias de las Muertas" Digital Painting. The Day of the dead celebrations are a great tradition is San Francisco. Alice is represented with the marigolds crown and the sugar skull makeup in front of a silhouette of the city of San Francisco.

"Alice and the Day of the Dead Celebrations" In this digital painting Alice wears the different symbols of the Mexican celebration, the marigolds in her hair, the sugar skull make up. She holds in her hands a Dance macabre, a medieval allegory on the universality of death, Bruce Lee and Steve Jobs, two San Francisco Celebrities are represented alongside 2 unknown female dancers and  a group of skeletons.

"Sisterhood" Digital art. Even with equal rights, women have a long way to go before becoming men's equal. Helping and supporting each others is the best way to grow together a create more opportunities for our gender. 

"Friendship" Digital art. Friendship is about looking in the same direction, growing, learning and playing together, shaping our future and the future generation. 

"Hope in Paris" Digital work Made After the 2015 Terrorist Attacks in Paris. It brings together numerous French symbols, like the rooster, the french flag, Marianne who symbolizes the "Triumph of the Republic”. She wears the Phrygian cap also sometimes called the liberty cap.

"Sweet Tooth" The pleasure of a good table, but how much is too much ? Is consumerism a good thing?  The world we live in asks for those questions. 

"Mother-Daughter Time" Digital painting Getting ready for Christmas is the perfect time for a mother daughter bonding time. This series focus on the family's quality time instead of the shopping expected around Christmas.

"Daddy's Home" Digital Painting. The family is finally together and ready to celebrate the holidays together. This series focus on the family's quality time instead of the shopping expected around Christmas.

"Letter to Santa" Digital Painting. The tree is ready and the letter is written, one last check before sending it to Santa. This series focus on the family's quality time instead of the shopping expected around Christmas.

"Bridge" Digital painting. Coming from Paris, the Golden Gate Bridge reminds me of the Eiffel Tower, with its sky high metal architecture and its history. 

"Seascaping" digital painting. When your house cannot stand it anymore, it goes to the seaside.

"City by the bay" isn't it fun to paint SF

"Cityscape" Digital painting. San Francisco's view offers a great opportunity to study, water elements, like the water's bay, the fog, the clouds and the sky  in a more or less abstract way.

"Mermaid" Digital collage of 2 of my paintings. A classic view of the mermaid is to have the head and torso of a human and a tail instead of legs. And if it was the opposite ?

"Knowledge" Give the gift of knowledge to the young girl to let her become a strong woman. Alice is reading a book on the back of a turtle, symbol of longevity and good health. Turtles can live up to 150 years.

"Music of My Heart" Digital painting.  Living for painting is the story of my life.

"Liver" Digital Painting. Study for a deck of cards.

"Brain" Digital Painting. Study for a deck of cards.

"Heart" Digital Painting. Study for a deck of cards.

"Lungs" Digital painting. Study for a deck of cards.

"Listen" Digital Painting. That moment when you realize you're alone in the wind, no sound to disturb you, Carpe Diem.

"Lollipops."  Study for a painting

"Absinthe" Digital Painting. The Green Fairy, floating abandoned on a river of tears. Because sometimes life is difficult.

"Alice and the Orchid" Digital Painting.  Alice is growing up, always surprised by the world around her. Orchids represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, this flower was associated with virility.

My digital works follow the same process of layering than my work on canvas.  I research and download different types of papers, including printed paper from newspapers, magazines or books. I also take photographs of crumpled papers or colored papers with interesting lines or shapes.

I’m currently using “Procreate” as painting app. It offers a large range of effects and brush qualities. I really appreciate this technique as it is a zero waste technique. Everything is virtual; no paper, no paint, no mess. I gather a lot of  different elements in my large paintings on canvas to make the story complete and concise. Each of the digital layers help me focus on them individually before I compose them on a larger scale. 

Both techniques give me the opportunity to work on the same subject matter; reflecting on our lives in the Bay Area, or thinking of Paris. I really enjoying going from one technique to the other.  It helps me find a good balance in my workflow.