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"The length of my bathing suit" Acrylic on Canvas 60" x48" inspired by a victorian era photograph. This painting is about women's rights. The right to wear what we want ,when we want it. Woman's fashion always reflects the world we live in. Conservative or Liberal. An ongoing battle.

"The length of my bathing suit" Acrylic on Canvas 60" x48"

inspired by a victorian era photograph. This painting is about women's rights. The right to wear what we want ,when we want it. Woman's fashion always reflects the world we live in. Conservative or Liberal. An ongoing battle.

"Queen of Hearts shaking SF" Acrylic on collage 24"x24" Women have to shake the city to keep their rights.

"Phrygian cap" Oil on collage 12"x12" pink hat or Phrygian cap, same fight, liberty and equality .

"Medusa, Queen of Hearts" Acrylic on canvas, 36"x36" 

A Fun painting of the Queen of Hearts, what if it was a real heart... The victorian era was fascinated by the human heart, through poetry but also science with the invention of the stethoscope. 


"She has a mind of her own" Oil on collage 12"x12"

"Multitasking" Acrylic on Canvas. 36"x36" 

Busy lives are the trend in our modern world. As a mom multitasking is a requirement. Family, work, social life, housekeeping and sometimes shopping will make the days feel like they're always too short.

"Real Estate Rabbit Hole" Acrylic on Canvas, 36"x36" 

 In the city's maze,  tAriadne's golden thread , will prevent you from losing your mind. 

"Alice and The Bubble" Acrylic on Canvas 36"x36"  

This painting is about the difficulty to find a house in the crazy Real Estate market of the Bay area. In Short, if you find a house you like, you will buy it and deal with the giant Alice afterward. 

"Bliss" Acrylic on Canvas 22"x22" 

In the crazy world we live in, finding a moment for yourself, to relax, recharge and recenter is  a must. What could be better that floating on the bay's water with your favorite animal... Carpe Diem ! 

"Immigration in San Francisco" Acrylic on Canvas 36"x36" 

Because the San Francisco Financial Distric was built on top of buried ships. 

"Octopus" Acrylic on Canvas 36"x36"

"Adrift" Acrylic on Canvas 24"x24" Drifting on an ocean of Absinthe.

"Knowledge" Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x24" 

In today's world, young girls don't always have access  to school. They are denied the right to dream of a better future for themselves.

"David Against Goliath" Acrylic on Canvas, 36"x48"  

Finding balance between art and new technology in the city by the Bay is a difficult task. The money made by the artists and crafters  doesn't match the one made by the new Silicon Valley's adventurers. Slowly but surely the San Francisco art scene withers. 

"Alice protecting the Eiffel Tower" Acrylic on Canvas. 16"x20" 

I often work with live models, they help me find the inspiration. In this painting, Alice is admiring a miniature sculpture of the famous Eiffel tower. With todays' headlines and the fight against terrorism, this little painting takes on another dimension and a deeper meaning. 

"Make a choice" Acrylic on Canvas 16"x20" 

Going through life we have to make choices, resulting sometimes in surprising consequences. But the choices must be made. In the painting Alice can either eat the cookie or drink the the contents of the flask to escape a very unpleasant encounter. 

"Alice Flying" Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x36"

Inspired by the news and my fear of flying. Travelling is amazing, it's just too bad the airline companies make you feel like merchandise instead of human beings. 

"Frida Reina De Corazones" Acrylic on Canvas 12"x18"

In my series of Queen of Hearts Frida is a beautiful inspiration.

"Breakfast" Acrylic on Canvas 12"x12"

We live near the ocean and we always forget about it. For this image, my husband was my model, I made him a fish mask out of paint and paper and when he came back from work one evening I did a photoshoot with him and a bunch of lemons. My friend Debbie gave me one of her lemon beast that grown in her yard. The perfect diner for a trout-man. If Life gives you lemons, eat them for breakfast or make a painting on the subject.

"Alice and the Key to San Francisco" Acrylic on Canvas, 16"x20" 

Alice found the key to the city and it's chaotic way of life, which explain the Nautilus head. Don't you feel sometimes that you have a splitting headache, it's how it looks from the outside.

"Alice and the key" Acrylic on Canvas 18"x24" 

Is another version in a different size, of Alice going into the city of San Francisco. Going through the door is only the beginning of the adventures. This is the time when you can still retrace your steps and go home. But once you decide to keep going forward, everything becomes possible.

"We're all Alice". Series of small portraits 6"x6" each, oil on mixed media

"We're all Alice series"Oil on mixed media 6"x6"

"We're all Alice series" oil on mixed media 6"x6"

The “Alice in San Francisco” Series

Since I moved from Paris, France to California thirteen years ago, I have been researching and painting the history of San Francisco and the Bay Area. As an art historian and artist, it was my approach to adapt to my new surrounding and learn the american way of life.

"Big City"  triptych Acrylic on wood panels 30"x10" 

 How do we fit in, us, little people? Trying to do our best for our small insignificant lives in this large, always challenging, city by the bay...

In 2015 I started a new body of work called “Alice", in which I overlap the story of Alice in wonderland with the History of San Francisco and Paris to represent the schizophrenic state of these ever changing cities. Each painting of this series tells a piece of the story about our everyday lives.  In a sense Alice is you, me, anyone who lives or work in the Bay Area, Paris or any large metropolis and has to adapt or face its challenges.

I work in layers and use recycled and found materials like plastics, papers, metals. Waste that would take years to break down and disappear in a landfill.  I either print with this different materials or leave them in the work. The technical process applied to this series is inspired by the presence of the water surrounding the peninsula and the issues raised by the pollution produced by the city.

Painting Alice, a very recognisable character, is for me, a way to talk about all kind of subject matters, like being a working mom, an artists in the silicon valley, a homeowner in a real estate bubble and to keep it consistent. It also allows me to connect with the viewers’ childhood memories and make my narrative more personal. I absolutely love it when someone tells me there's something about my painting that he feels like he can identify with.