Amsterdam based french artist Fleur Spolidor loves living abroad to discover new cultures and melting chocolate squares in her cup of hot tea on a rainy day. Born in Paris, she spent her childhood visiting castles and museums with her shutterbugs parents. This upbringing inevitably led her to study Art History and Fine Art in different studios and at the University. After receiving her M.F.A she taught Art History and Fine Art at the University and in private Schools of Design. In 2003 she moved to the Bay Area and started researching its history, this led her to compose paintings about North California’s culture and way of life. In 2015 she started a new series of paintings called “Alice", in which she mixes the story of Alice in Wonderland with the History of San Francisco and Paris to represent the schizophrenic state of these ever changing cities. For Spolidor, “Alice” could be anyone who lives or work in a large metropolis and has to face its challenges: traffic, pollution, cost of living... Eco-conscious, Spolidor layers in her work recycled and found materials like papers or plastics and metals. Waste that would take years to break down and disappear in a landfill.  She either prints with this different materials or leave them in the work. Spolidor’s palette is bold and colorful while her subject matters raise awareness on worrisome issues like women’s rights and climate change. 

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Art can impact us in many ways. A painting can transport us somewhere we’ve never been, a photograph can introduce us to a new world of light and shadow, and a sculpture can allow us to interact with the human form in ways we never have before. The artwork of Fleur Spolidor does something entirely different, it introduces us to a world we’ve never even imagined. By tapping into imagery that is familiar, an Alice from a Wonderland far beyond the strangeness Lewis Carroll dreamt, well-manicured suburban lawns, and antique photos of our ancestors, Spolidor leverages our shared memories and dreams before disorienting us with unexpected settings and narratives. The effect is thought-provoking, exciting, and perhaps disturbing, all at the same time. In an age of countless distractions, when everything is controversial, but nothing is shocking, Spolidor achieves something noteworthy in her work - she captivates our attention. Each work invites us to look, ponder and reflect. We experience tension and repose, calm and confusion all at once. And we want more! As you explore her website, I invite you to take your time, to involve your imagination and senses, and to experience the artwork of Fleur Spolidor.

J. Jason Horejs

Owner, Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ